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Card Preview

Midnight Reaper

by Quinn Murphy September 12 2018

Quin's Guilds of Ravnica preview card offers you a bargain, but is the deal in your favor?

How to Build

Personalizing Commander 2018: Subjective Reality

by Quinn Murphy August 10 2018

As personalizing your deck is one of the most rewarding aspects of Commander, Quinn shows how you might make "Subjective Reality" your own.

How to Build

Personalizing Commander 2018: Nature's Vengeance

by Quinn Murphy August 9 2018

Lord Windgrace is the star of "Nature's Vengeance," and there are several ways you can personalize the deck to make him shine.

Card Preview

Windgrace's Judgment

by Quinn Murphy July 24 2018

Quinn's Commander (2018 Edition) preview allows Jund to play at politics in a multiplayer game while still destroying lots of permanents.

Card Preview

Elvish Clancaller

by Quinn Murphy June 18 2018

Quinn's Core Set 2019 preview card fosters a sense of community and togetherness for all Elves.

Card Preview

Zndrsplt's Judgment

by Quinn Murphy May 24 2018

Quinn previews two heavy-hitting sorceries from Battlebond, outlining strengths and strategies within arena fighting.

Card Preview

Marwyn, the Nurturer

by Quinn Murphy April 6 2018

Quinn previews a new legend destined to lead one of Magic's most powerful tribes into battle.

Card Preview

Huatli, Radiant Champion

by Quinn Murphy January 2 2018

Quinn shares a Rivals of Ixalan preview card that shows Huatli in a whole new light!

Card Preview

Mary O'Kill and the Killbots

by Quinn Murphy November 15 2017

The hills are alive with the sound of slaughter in Quinn's new preview card.

How to Build

How to Build Dinosaurs

by Quinn Murphy September 29 2017

Ixalan has brought Dinosaurs to the forefront of Magic, and Quinn is itching to unleash them in Standard.

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