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Card Preview

Journey to Eternity

by Maria Bartholdi January 1 2018

Maria's Rivals of Ixalan preview card proves that death is but the start of your creature's journey.

Card Preview

Happy Un-Birthday!

by Maria Bartholdi November 13 2017

Maria's un-birthday gift to you is . . . Unstable preview cards!

How to Build

Ixalan Standard Deck Tech: Abzan Tokens

by Maria Bartholdi November 3 2017

Maria takes you through what to do in case of zombie apocaly—wait, no, she has a primer on the Abzan Tokens deck that makes a ton of tokens.

How to Build

Deck of the Week: Dinosaurs

by Maria Bartholdi October 13 2017

How do you build and play a Dinosaur deck in Standard? Maria shows you the way!

Card Preview

Overwhelming Splendor

by Maria Bartholdi June 26 2017

Maria's Hour of Devastation preview card is . . . overwhelming!


What's In Store? | Owning Your Own LGS

by Maria Bartholdi May 23 2017

Mike Hawthorne and Ryan Overturf, co-owners of Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnesota, reveal what it's like to own a game store.

Card Preview

Commit This to Memory

by Maria Bartholdi April 13 2017

Maria previews a versatile card blue mages won't soon forget.

Ways to Play

A Night of Modern

by Maria Bartholdi March 14 2017

Maria Bartholdi investigates Modern at a local game store to see just what makes the format tick.

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The Art

by Maria Bartholdi February 14 2017

Love Magic art? So do they! Maria visits several Magic art collectors to show off some special pieces and talk about the love of collecting.

How to Build

How to Build Aggro

by Maria Bartholdi February 2 2017

Aggro decks are about one thing and one thing only: bringing your opponent to 0 life as quickly as possible!

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