Akroma-in-Art Quiz

Posted in Arcana on June 13, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

When Phage killed Ixidor's love, Ixidor created the ultimate instrument of revenge: Akroma, Angel of Wrath, a terrifying angel who bore the face of his slain lover.

Akroma was such an influential figure in the Onslaught Block storyline that she appeared in many different pieces of art in those sets. See if you can identify the card depicted by its art, below. Click once for a hint—click a second time for the answer.

Art by Adam Rex

This piece shows Akroma sheltering a pair of refugee clerics with her wings.

Akroma's Blessing

Art by Matt Cavotta

This piece shows Ixidor surrounded by magical images of himself doing things in his future, including pleading with his creation, Akroma.

Future Sight

Art by Ron Spears

This piece shows Akroma hanging on a happy dude as they emerge from Nevinyrral's Disco. (Note that Phage the Untouchable is also hanging on the dude—he may not be happy for long.)

Ladies' Knight

Art by Matthew D. Wilson

This piece depicts an awestruck barbarian falling to his knees upon seeing the terrible glory of Akroma.


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