Allusion-Fest: Black and White Savants

Posted in Arcana on October 25, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Time Spiral’s Chronosavant alludes to Visions’ Necrosavant in more than name. First off, their return-from-the-grave ability is an obvious strong tie.

But check out the art of the cards. The composition of Pete Venters’s Chronosavant has both broad and detailed similarities to the earlier 5/5.

Chronosavant art by Pete Venters

Scan up and down between these two pieces. The sideways resting pose of each is a clear tie between them. But see how the structure of hourglasses behind him—symbolic of this titan’s ability to skip through time—are subtly reminiscent of the shelves of books behind Necrosavant? See how Necrosavant’s arms are crossed across its body—and the titan’s arms are crossed over a giant sword? There are even subtle patterns on Chronosavant’s hourglass structure that evoke the runes on the scroll in Necrosavant’s chamber.

Necrosavant art by John Coulthart

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