Allusion-Fest: Dread Return

Posted in Arcana on September 25, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Time Spiral overflows with allusions. Check the cards you got at the prerelease, or browse the spoiler—you’ll find resurrected mechanics, Easter egg art references, tips-o’-the-hat in both card names and flavor text, even combinations of nods to multiple past Magic cards that span all parts of the card. It would take a keen eye and accomplished Magic career for you to identify them all, but we’ll give you hints for a few—well, no, for a metric ton—of them here over the next few months. Keep an eye or two on for the continuously-unfolding allusion-fest.

Here’s a sample.

Time Spiral’s Dread Return is Zombify tricked out with a nice flashback option, but it also pays homage to a certain critter you may want to combine with it.

Check out what’s doing the dreadful returning in the art. Need a hint? It’s a creature from another black card illustrated by Kev Walker. Look closely:

Dread Return art by Kev Walker

It’s an undead Mindslicer! You might want to Zombify your already-sac’ed Mindslicers, or sacrifice one to trigger its vicious ability again… Mmm, artistic combo!

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