Alternate Chinese Art in Guildpact, Part 1

Posted in Arcana on February 23, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Today we take a look at alternate Chinese art in Guildpact. Remember, Chinese regulations require that human skeletons not appear in the art of Magic cards distributed there. As Magic is a fantasy game with an entire color devoted to dark fantasy elements, skeletons show up a lot -- and Guildpact is no exception.

With Guildpact following up a set full of the dredge mechanic, the Invasion reprint Cremate was a welcome piece of utility to help deal with Ravnica's recursive threats. But dealing with the graveyard as it does, Cremate's art had a few too many human skulls in the art for the Chinese market. Here's Paolo Parente's art for the Guildpact Cremate, and the touch-ups that were made in the Chinese printing.

Cremate art by Paolo Parente

For Sanguine Praetor, rk post was set to the task of creating an otherworldly avatar of overwhelming evil. The art description also called for it to have a cow skull for a head, and as you can see, that came through nicely. But for the Chinese market, the problem wasn't the Praetor's cow skull -- it was the heads on posts behind him. In the alternate art version, the skull features have been covered over, although the objects are still suggestively head-shaped.

Sanguine Praetor art by rk post

There are two more pieces of Chinese alternate art in Guildpact which we'll cover in a future Arcana.

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