New Art in Commander (2014 Edition)

Posted in Arcana on November 5, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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One of the thrills of new Commander products is getting updated art on some often unexpected cards. For example, virtually no one was expecting the Mirage Diamonds to reappear, let alone with new art, but lo and behold, Lindsey Look knocked them out of the park.

There's also a cycle of Medallions by Daniel Ljunggren, pushing the number of new art pieces up to ten just in those two artifact cycles.

In fact, there are a few too many to show all of the new art in this one Arcana, but I wanted to highlight some notable pieces.

Sacred Mesa

Sacred Mesa was once a tournament powerhouse, and even part of an early Earthcraft combo with a Plains and Wild Growth. It was reprinted once in Time Spiral, but has never had new art. Until now. Robbie Trevino's update paints a gorgeous landscape that makes us believe it's home to pegasi.

Sacred Mesa | Art by Robbie Trevino

Sylvan Safekeeper

Originally designed by Olle Råde as a prize for winning the old Magic Invitational, this is actually Sylvan Safekeeper's first reprinting ever. Along with gaining new wording (shroud and the Human Wizard type), Magali Villeneuve also updates the look of the Safekeeper.

Sylvan Safekeeper | Art by Magali Villeneuve

Desert Twister

Let's stay in green for a moment to revisit an old, old favorite. Desert Twister has actually been reprinted a number of times. Originally from Arabian Nights, one of the few green cards ever able to destroy a nonflying creature then jumped into the core set with Revised and popped up occasionally over the years, yet it only received new art once, in Mercadian Masques. Now, Noah Bradley has provided a third take on the iconic card, one that certainly matches the flavor text: Massive, mindless, and imbued with one terrible purpose.

Desert Twister | Art by Noah Bradley


Finally, at least for today, we jump over to an old Invasion favorite that has never seen new art. There's so much value here, how could we not show it off? Oh, and Greg Staples's new take is pretty spiffy too.

Exclude | Art by Greg Staples

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