Quiz: Convoking the Past

Posted in Arcana on July 21, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for DailyMTG.com, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

It's Convoke Week here at DailyMTG.com, and to celebrate the return of the mechanic birthed unto the world by the original Ravnica block and the Selesnya guild, we took our own little trip down memory lane and unearthed some of the developer comments from Multiverse, Wizards of the Coast's giant database of all things involved in creating Magic cards. It gave us a cool little glimpse into the creation of convoke, which was called crittercast originally.

But we're not going to just feed you those comments. Convoke makes you work a bit to reap its benefits, and we aim to do the same, in the spirit of the week and all. So, below you'll see the developer comments for a number of cards from the original Ravnica. Your mission? Guess which cards they're referring to. Some made it into Magic 2015 as reprints. Most did not. But every last one of them has convoke.

Happy quizzing!

DAL 8/26: Quite powerful with other crittercast 8 drops.
bs 9/10: made worse... 5cc, sorcery.
AF 10/5: May be too nerfed now... WG didn't feel at all like the token guild to me in limited. Anyone else?
MT 10/6: WG doesn't have the token guild feel. Also limited feels sorcery based, this card at instant makes the crittercast cool.
bs 10/12: made an instant.
AF 10/29: Make this just green?
bs 11/1: for you, anything.

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MP 7/19: Very strong.
HS 8/24 another strong guild card with cc in its casting cost.....
MT 9/13: Crittercast should help the cc problem though. This card is on par with Exile, probably better.
HS 10/28 It is way better.
DAL 11/4: This card is good. We should play it.
bs 11/5: where does it go? ww board?
MT 12/8: I've had it in the main deck of my Winter Orb deck. Decent but not spectacular.
bs 1/3: one of white's few good cards... white is shy.

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RB 8/3: Seems cleaner as "each nontoken creature you control gains "whenever I take damage ...""
MR (8/10/04): Changed the rules text.
bs 9/10: changed the ant queen into Andre the Giant.
AF 10/28: Could be a legend.

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ps 1/12: a giant growth that's playable in constructed?

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ps 11/9: does this spell make more sense if it's cheaper without crittercast? seems depressing for timmy to have to tap his dudes that are getting bigger.
bs 12/21: this card is a player in block.
bs 1/4: lowered from +4/+4 to +3/+3.
Carter 10/17: "All your creatures" to "All creatures you control"
Del 11/21: Removed the "all." :) Only need the all if there's no other modifier.

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DAL 11/4: Mirrors Disciplinarian in this set. (5B, 2/4, CIP: Opp loses 1 life for each Cr he controls.) but they're not synced up. Recommend both be 2/4 or both 2/5. Black one could get transmute or not.
bs 11/5: good points.
bs 12/14: reduced cost by 1 for curve issues.
bs 1/3: a 2/4

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MP 7/19: Neat spell, cost reduction without adding speed is good.
bs 9/20: was, "Prevent all damage from a source of your choice to target creature or player.
Crittercast (You may tap your creatures for a mana of their color to be spent on this spell.)" we want a creature enchantment with crittercast.
bb 9/21: note the concept. If you could design to that it would be great.
bs 9/29: anew.
bs 10/11: took off vigilance, added a toughness to the pump.
HS 10/28 could cost a lot less if we wanted it to, (and still be bad)
DAL 11/4: Could cost more and still be bad.
AF 11/9: Does white want an "Among Friends," meaning a cheap instant trick that can be free with crittercast ps 11/9: I like how any time we want to make a bad white card, we make it cost a lot and have it only affects toughness. this one has the added benefit of sometimes doing nothing as well. :)
MT 12/8: I think this card could easily be changed so that it would give off more of a guild flavor. Something along the lines of, "Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each other token creature you control."

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