2006 Champs Promo Cards: Limited Champs

Posted in Arcana on June 14, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Maybe you got your promo Electrolyze and Niv-Mizzet at the 2006 Limited Two-Headed Giant Champs, or maybe you didn't. Maybe you're admiring your promo cards right now and wondering how you can get more, or maybe you're staring at your empty hands right now and blinking back a tear.

Either way, Champs are coming back this month, and this time around it's all Ravnica limited, all the time. Throw down in Ravnica/Guildpact/Dissension sealed deck and then test your draft skills and guild theories in the Top 8.

Attend this round of Champs, and you get your hands on this:

Top 8 at this round of Champs, and you get a foily one of these:

Top 8 finishers also get one of these handy Magic CD cases:

Limited Champs are less than two weeks away! Head here for locations near you and for the full download of specifics. Because whose Simic deck doesn't need a foil promo Voidslime?

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