2015 Magic World Championship Photo Essay

Posted in Arcana on September 2, 2015

By Chapman Sim and Craig Gibson

PAX Prime has closed its doors and the 2015 Magic: The Gathering World Championship is in the books. It's been an incredible adventure for a million reasons, and here are some of the highlights from the unforgettable weekend. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here's twelve thousand words' worth of photos!

Welcome to downtown Seattle and its beautiful coastline, a truly picturesque setting for PAX Prime and the highly anticipated 2015 World Championship!

Ach! Run! The Eldrazi are loose and tearing down the city! Jacob Van Lunen attempts to escape from the swirling vortex of chaos, lest he risk being smashed to smithereens like that unfortunate police car.

Planeswalkers lend strength to any brave soul who is willing to step forth and assist in the Battle for Zendikar. Remember. You'll never walk alone, no matter how precarious the Multiverse can be.

The Battle for Zendikar Preview Show stoked the flames of hundreds of attendees, as you can see from the radiating wave of excitement! Take a First Look at Battle for Zendikar. You wouldn't want to miss out on the tantalizing preview cards or the premium foil full-art Zendikar Expeditions!

Battle for Zendikar is looking to be an excellent, excellent expansion. Wil Wheaton approves! The immensely-popular internet celebrity and much-revered TV personality shows off one of the biggest and baddest commons to be ever printed in Magic's 22-year history!

Ancient, rune-carved monoliths called hedrons are strewn across Zendikar and all over the Annex. In the booth are Rich Hagon, Jackie Lee, Luis Scott-Vargas, and Brian David-Marshall, giving us a thorough analysis of our World Championship competitors.

Our 24 superstars smile for the camera and get ready for their biggest tournament of the season. They'll pit their wits against each other to earn copious Pro Points, claim the lion's share of the $150,000 prize purse, and to ultimately clinch the prestigious World Champion title!

The World Championship kicked off with an intense Modern Masters (2015 Edition) Booster Draft, while the industrious coverage team worked around the clock to bring you live updates from the very source! Oh look, another hedron!

Shattered glass and the looming threat of being mauled to death by rogue Eldrazi did not dampen the spirits of thousands of Magic fans, who showed up this weekend to revel in the festivities and enjoy a wonderful weekend of high-spirited competition.

Chandra Nalaar lends support to and ignites the spark within guest celebrity Felicia Day, who is mobbed by a long line of fans hoping to get in a game with the revered spellslinger.

Samuel Black, Owen Turtenwald, Paul Rietzl, and Seth Manfield rose to the top after outlasting the star-studded field in fourteen rounds spread across four formats.

When all was said and done, there could only be one. Winning $50,000 and picking up 17 Pro Points along the way, Seth Manfield proved that he was more than worthy to be crowned the World Champion. Dropping only one match and steamrolling past the competition all weekend, his stellar performance guarantees him a spot in next year's World Championship—an event that promises to be as epic as this one!

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