Aaron's Random Card Comments

Posted in Arcana on October 7, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Let's say you're Aaron Forsythe. Hi, Aaron! How's it going? You sure have a lot to do, what with being the Director of Magic R&D. But do you ever miss your days being Editor of magicthegathering.com? Sure, you get to write an article or two every year, but what if you want to talk about something that's not so high-pressure as the state of Magic or the new Core Set?

Okay, stop pretending you're Aaron. Unless you actually are, in which case you already know what's about to happen. This is starting to resemble a hall of mirrors, so it's time to cut through the maze of illusions and impersonations: Aaron Forsythe is commenting on random cards in Gatherer!

9/27/2010: Planar Chaos (Judgment)
9/28/2010: Animate Artifact (Revised Edition)
9/29/2010: Merfolk of the Pearl Trident (Fourth Edition)
9/30/2010: Crazed Skirge (Urza's Saga)
10/1/2010: Kei Takahashi (Legends)
10/4/2010: Favorable Destiny (Mirage)
10/6/2010: Deity of Scars (Eventide)

Okay, now pretend you're not Aaron Forsythe. Do you wonder what the Director of Magic R&D thinks of random cards? Well, you could follow @MTGAaron on Twitter, or even just the specific #arccd hashtag. Or just follow this handy link, which collects all of them. Or there's a pretty good chance Aaron's just going to keep this page updated (the one you're on now. Remember, just because you've been pretending to be other people doesn't mean you've been reading a different page).

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