The ABCs of Khans of Tarkir

Posted in Arcana on October 9, 2014

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

Let's take a Gatherer dive through Khans of Tarkir , letter by letter. Some of these might be more of a stretch than others, so bear with me.

Bear Token | Art by Kev Walker

A is for Ascendancy, of which there are five. A is also for Abzan, the white-black-green clan, which has 30 cards bearing its watermark.

B is for Banner, one for each clan. B is also for bear, because there are an awful lot of them running around Tarkir, and they sure do get punched.

C is for Charm. As you probably know, there are also five of them.

D is for dual lands. There are ten of them, all at common, and they go by several nicknames: "KTK Refuges" (based off the original cycle of five from Zendikar , each with Refuge in the name), "lifelands," and "KTK duals" are the ones I've seen most. D is also for delve, the Sultai mechanic that returns to us from Future Sight, which is on eleven cards.

E is for Elk, because Elk tribal has become a thing in recent sets. You're welcome, Marshall.

F is for fetch lands. These five rare lands originally saw print in Onslaught. Their inclusion in Khans of Tarkir makes them legal in the Modern format for the first time. F is also for ferocious, the Temur mechanic, which is on eleven cards.

G is for Goblin, a creature type with a couple of distinctive looks on Tarkir.

H is for Honolulu, the always-popular site of Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir.

I is for ibex, which pull Anafenza around on her chariot and also serve as mounts for the Abzan.

J is for Jeskai, the blue-red-white clan. Like Abzan, 30 cards bear the Jeskai watermark.

K is for khans, because of course it is. There are five legendary creatures in the set, each the leader of his or her clan.

L is for Loxodon, as in Woolly Loxodon, biggest (power + toughness) common and morph creature in the set. That ties ol' Woolly with Pearl Lake Ancient (a mythic rare!) for the second highest P/T sum at 13. The biggest creature in the set? The rare turtle Meandering Towershell, at 14.

M is for Mardu, the red-white-black clan. The Horde claims 29 cards with its watermark. M is also for morph, which originated in Onslaught and is in all five clans. There are 35 creatures with morph.

N is for Naturalize, a common, a reprint, and the only card whose name begins with N not represented by any other link in this article.

O is for outlast, the Abzan mechanic. There are nine creatures with outlast. O is also for Orc, a creature type making its triumphant return to Magic with seven cards in Khans of Tarkir.

P is for prowess, the Jeskai mechanic, which appears on ten creatures.

Q is for Quiet Contemplation. Shh...

R is for raid, the Mardu mechanic that appears not just on creatures, but on eleven cards of various types. R is also for Rakshasa, a type of creature from Hindu mythology making its Magic debut on Tarkir.

S is for Sultai, the black-green-blue clan, which commands the highest number of clan-related cards with a total of 36 cards bearing its watermark.

T is for Temur, the green-blue-red clan, which has 31 cards with its watermark. T is also for tri-lands, the five lands that tap for clan-specific colors.

U is for Ugin, who is dead. (Spoilers!) But his Nexus yet remains.

V is for Villainous Wealth, a very vexing vindication of the vanity of venal value we vouch when villain visits violence upon victim who, vacant the vestige of volition, views vicariously the verdict of victory.

W is for wedge, which is what we call the three-color groupings that make up the clans' colors.

X is for Empty the Pits, or more specifically its casting cost, which is the first black card with XX in its casting cost.

Y is for Yasimin Ankleshank, a female goblin warrior, we are told by the Planeswalker's Guide, is "famed for her rash battle expertise."

Z is for Zurgo Helmsmasher, who gets a second callout because he's the only card that starts with Z. Oh, and also because he was a face card for Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning .

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