Agents of Artifice Sneak Preview

Posted in Arcana on January 5, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome back! We missed you.

...okay, with the sappy stuff out of the way, we've got a treat for lovers of the written word. As you may know, Ari Marmell's novel Agents of Artifice, the first planeswalker novel, will be released on January 27, 2009 (its ISBN is 978-0786951345 if you want to order it!). It stars Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, and Tezzeret the Seeker.

So let's play a game. Let's pretend that it's January 27 right now. You're in a bookstore, and you see a fine-looking hardback book:

Wait. That doesn't look right. It's a hardback book. And the dust jacket has some lovely foil treatment. You pick it up and hold it up to the light, turning it slightly to justify us showing it from an angle like this:

Intrigued, you pick it up and peruse the back cover:

Of all the creatures in the Multiverse, only the planeswalkers know of its limitless expanse. Only the planeswalkers have the spark that allows them to travel through the aether between worlds, that chaotic medium between the planes known as the Blind Eternities... Jace Beleren, a powerful sorcerer whose rare telepathic ability opens doors many would prefer closed, is at a crossroads: the decisions he makes now will forever affect his path. Tezzeret, megalomaniacal leader of an interplanar cabal, marshals the powers of the Multiverse for his own nefarious gain. Liliana Vess, a mercurial necromancer whose dark beauty belies secrets still darker, has designs neither can predict.

Further intrigued, you flip it open to read more information on the front flap.

The Infinite Consortium, an organization whose interplanar reach extends into the far corners of the Multiverse, presents an opportunity for great wealth and power. But at what cost, and to whom? Mind-mage Jace Beleren is in position to find out. It's his job to make sure the Consortium's many players stay on the straight and narrow, toeing a line drawn by Tezzeret, an artificer whose considerable skill with magical devices is matched only by a ruthless ability to sublimate the will of others When Jace runs afoul of Tezzeret's whims he finds himself a fugitive, putting as much distance between himself and his problems as possible. Enter Liliana Vess, a more delicious complication than he could ever hope for, but with her comes the choice he's been avoiding: run, or fight. As stakes increase and gambits collapse, death is a likely consequence, but how far will Jace let himself be pushed. Amid in the ebb and flow of power's tide, Jace must choose between friends, between alliances... between worlds.

Fairly ravenous with need, you start reading, right there in the bookstore. In fact, you read the whole first chapter!

Read Chapter 1 of Agents of Artifice

Unfortunately, as soon as you finish the first chapter, you are dragged back to the present day. But the good news is that January 27 is only a few weeks away, and you'll be able to buy your very own copy of Agents of Artifice soon!

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