Akroma’s Beginnings

Posted in Arcana on June 15, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

On the surface, the tale of the wizard Ixidor sounds uplifting. An illusionist who learned to make his dreams real, and creator of the wrathful tyrant angel Akroma, he has an impressive curriculum vitae. But that belies a deep tragedy. After Kamahl's sister Jeska became the abomination Phage, she killed Ixidor's lover Nivea, which spun Ixidor into vengeful misery.

His dreams of vengeance became Akroma.

When it came time to create the concept illustration for Akroma, Angel of Wrath, the task went to Matthew Wilson. Here is the pencil sketch that led to all other depictions of Akroma.

Akroma's purpose was to slay Phage. When Akroma surprised Phage during a pit-fight in the Grand Coliseum, Kamahl stepped in to come to Phage's aid. Kamahl had never given up hope that his sister Jeska was still alive somewhere inside of Phage, and would not let this avenging angel extinguish that hope.

As we saw on Tuesday, Akroma appears in card art throughout the Onslaught Block. Here's a shot of Akroma healing an injured refugee soldier on the Daru Plains in the art of Convalescent Care.

With Kamahl's help, Phage battled back Akroma, and the wounded angel returned to her master Ixidor. In an unprecedented union of nature and death, Kamahl and Phage joined forces to march on Ixidor and his dream-created minions. The titanic battle decimated their assault force but killed Ixidor in the process—and Akroma swore even more personal and terrible vengeance.

In this piece of art below, Akroma's true power is unleashed—she destroys a Cabal encampment using the full extent of her wrath on Akroma's Vengeance.

A religion rose up around Akroma and her fallen creator, and Akroma vowed to march on Phage and destroy her forever. When they met in final combat, Akroma and Phage were evenly matched, unable to strike the killing blow. But in the end, both lived to see the other die.

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