Alara Reborn Booster Packs

Posted in Arcana on March 30, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

We're sure you're eager to see some Alara Reborn cards. But we're not quite ready to show them to you. We are, however, ready to show you the booster packs. You know, so you know what to look for when the Alara Reborn jones hits.

Alara Reborn Booster Pack

Ah, yes. The Alara Reborn pack in its natural state. Observe the handsome plumage, which says "Alara Reborn." And the angel.

Alara Reborn Booster Pack

This specimen has adopted the protective coloration of a knight riding a giant lizard, to frighten away predators.

Alara Reborn Booster Pack

Uh oh! We must have angered this one. Let's move on quickly and try to get a look at the habitat as a whole.

Alara Reborn Booster Box

This is where the Alara Reborn packs live, at least until you come by and adopt them.

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