Alara Reborn Slideshow

Posted in Arcana on November 5, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

There are many, many steps along the road to creating a new Magic set. One of the final, and most enjoyable, steps is the R&D slideshow. It serves as a last chance to catch any editing errors or necessary fixes on new cards. All parties involved in creating the new set join each other for a slideshow of each individual card in the set, complete with artwork. It’s a great chance to say hello to something new and see the set fully for the first time. Consider it a staff screening, if you will.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing you a sneak peek into the slideshow with Alara Reborn. Enjoy!

A packed house takes in Alara Reborn for the first time.
Mike Turian enjoys seeing hard work come to fruition. editor in chief Scott Johns is definitely excited about the set.
Designer Ken Nagle approves of at least one particular card.
Nate Heiss says 'That card is going to be awesome!'
Even seasoned veterans like R&D intern Tom LaPille (in the green jacket) and Producer Dylan Mayo are shocked by Alara Reborn.

And here are some quotes from various slideshow participants.

  • "Wait... that only costs four?"
  • "Awwwww…it’s a baby one!"
  • "I defer that answer to Mark Gottlieb, because I’m chewing." (The slideshow generally happens shortly after lunch.)
  • "It’s funny how awesome that is!"
  • "Nice card."
    "Thanks, I made it."
    "I rescind my comment…"
  • "Make it…heavier sounding."

Finally, for those who missed this blog from the Pro Tour – Berlin coverage, here’s a special sneak peek at an Alara Reborn card we snapped while drafting after the main course:

It's a probably a black card.

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