Aleksi Briclot’s Story Circle

Posted in Arcana on September 12, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Ever since you voted for Aleksi Briclot’s Story Circle sketch in Selecting Tenth Edition, he’s been madly crafting new art for this powerful defensive enchantment. He was generous enough to share with us several work-in-progress stages of his piece, from his first sketches to today’s premiere of the final Tenth Edition art! Aleksi even provides some comments on each stage of the art. Check it out.

Stage 1: “It was the first doodle, just trying to find an interesting composition focused on a circle.”

Stage 2: “Complete change, I wasn’t happy with the first try. Just focusing on the body gesture.”

Stage 3: “Adding the magic effect circle.”

Stage 4: “More details and more magic effects, adding some other circles.”

Stage 5: “Managing colors, the most important part of the card. This was the sketch I sent for the deathmatch, for the Magic site.”

Stage 6: “Then I read in the thread dedicated to the contest that the card must be white. I tried to keep my first feeling; I needed darker areas to keep the different colors well separated, so I tried to avoid flashy and too-vivid effects, but also to make the magic effects pop out.”

Stage 7: “And then the final, after a lot of small or bigger adjustments.”

Thanks Aleksi! You’ll see Story Circle in its final form when Tenth Edition releases, Summer 2007.

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