Allies and Enemies in Tenth

Posted in Arcana on August 15, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Part of the beauty of Magic's five color system is that it naturally creates a network of allies and enemies—factions to create both cooperation and conflict—for each color. Tenth Edition, as part of its mission as a teaching tool for new Magic players, contains cards that help demonstrate these allied and enemy relationships as clearly as possible.

Each card in the cycle of five Weavers, reprinted from Invasion, gives benefits to its color's allies. The demonstration of the colors' enemy relationships is a bit more subtle, but is present in the form of Coldsnap's "color hosers": Luminesce, Flashfreeze, Deathmark, Cryoclasm, and Karplusan Strider.

Each card of the five "color hosers" mentions two other colors, just like the Weavers; but in this case the cards affect the color's enemies, and do something nasty to them. If you have a friend who's just getting into Magic, build him or her a deck that uses one or more of these color hosers, and then play a deck of the enemy colors on the other side of the table. Let your friend counter your Kird Ape or blow up your Island. It's a simple puzzle to figure out, but an immensely satisfying one, and a great way to use Tenth Edition to bring new players into the community.

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