Alpha Red Elemental Blast

Posted in Arcana on March 30, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Here's an "Alpha Oops" that ended up not being so.

In Alpha, Red Elemental Blast was mistakenly labeled an instant instead of an interrupt.

Red Elemental Blast
Red Elemental Blast
from Limited Edition Alpha

According to the rules at that time, that would have prevented it from actually countering spells!

It was changed to an interrupt when it was reprinted in Red Elemental Blast, Red Elemental Blast, Red Elemental Blast and Red Elemental Blast, but after the Sixth Edition rules changes, Red Elemental Blast's Oracle text was really changed to "instant," along with all the other interrupts. As rules gurus are fond of saying: all's well that gets its Oracle text errata'ed well.

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