Alpha Typos

Posted in Arcana on September 22, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

It's no secret that there were some misprints in Alpha. These ranged from cards with or mana costs to cards that accidentally didn't make it into Alpha Volcanic Island Circle of Protection: Black.

But there were a couple of other typos that did get fixed until Revised, and they mostly had to do with the problems that arise from nonexistent templating and rules for creature types. Lord of Atlantis made sense and didn't present any problems:

Lord of Atlantis

Fine. He doesn't say he's a merfolk, so he doesn't pump himself. But what about Goblin King, who's supposed to work the same way?

Goblin King

Uh oh! Not only is "goblin" in his name, it's in his type line! It wasn't until Revised that he was corrected to say "Summon Lord" instead.

Goblin King

Making this more complicated was the case of the Alpha Goblin Balloon Brigade, which was supposed to give itself flying:

Goblin Balloon Brigade

What the? This clearly says it gives "goblins" flying. Who's to say it wouldn't give that ability to Mons's Goblin Raiders? Or, for that matter, Goblin King? Well, Richard Garfield, that's who! That wasn't his intent, so the wording was changed for Revised.

Goblin Balloon Brigade

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