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Posted in Arcana on January 24, 2012

By Monty Ashley

As we showed you two weeks ago, Dark Ascension will have the usual alternate-art promo cards for the Prerelease. And since the Prerelease is this weekend, why not look at the regular art and the alternate art? Right? Why not do that? Exactly! It'll be a chance to see how two different artists interpret the same art description!

Ravenous Demon

Color: Black creature

Location: A cavern lit by firelight

Action: Show a "young" demon with no wings in a cavern lit by firelight. See the reference for tone of demon, but design one is slightly smaller, less powerful and with no wings. A human cultist (male or female) is in the foreground, in partial silhouette only. The human should wear the same head covering as in the reference. The demon stares at the human hungrily.

Focus: The demon

Mood: Your sacrifice will complete me, servant.

Ravenous Demon | Art by Igor Kieryluk

Alternate-Art Prerelease Ravenous Demon | Art by Kev Walker

Archdemon of Greed

Color: Black creature

Location: Outside at night.

Action: This is the Ravenous Demon transformed into an enormous demon with wings. The camera looks up at him as he flies/soars above in the night sky. This is a very large demon—at least eight feet tall with a broad, muscular body. His gigantic wings are fully extended. His wings are "new," perfect and untattered.

Focus: The huge demon.

Mood: He strikes fear into the hearts of even those who worship him.

Archdemon of Greed | Art by Igor Kieryluk

Alternate-Art Prerelease Archdemon of Greed | Art by Kev Walker

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