Ancestral Something

Posted in Arcana on May 2, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Ancestral Recall is considered by many players to be the best card ever made. But it, just like many of the cards that came after it, went through a few cosmetic changes.

First, it started as a green card called "Earthlore." Now that is a good "What If?" scenario… "What if green was the primary card-drawing color from the beginning?" But it was not to be. Richard and the gang decided card drawing was mainly a blue ability, so they moved it to that color and called it "Ancestral Memories." The name was tweaked slightly to "Ancestral Recall" before the set went to press.

It is interesting to note that cards were later made that used those original names, in reverence to the great Ancestral Recall: Earthlore ended up as a green enchant land in Ice Age, and ancestral memories was printed as a blue sorcery in Mirage.

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