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Posted in Arcana on May 24, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Every once in a while there is an opportunity to create an art series to represent a cycle of cards in an upcoming set. For Fifth Dawn the Magic art director felt there was a unique chance to assign two pieces of art that would visualize the before and after feel of casting +1/+1 versus casting -1/-1.

Here are the art descriptions assigned for each card:

Stand Firm
We are looking at a male Leonin warrior. He is readying his battle-scythe as he is about to be charged by Nim. The Leonin is "bracing for impact".
Mood: It ends here!

Lose Hope
This is the scene following "brace for impact". This time the Leonin warrior is covered in filth from fighting Nim and is about to collapse from nausea and Necrogen gas.
Mood: I feel sick. I'm gonna die here.

To capture the concept of gaining +1/+1 and then losing -1/-1, artist Matt Cavotta featured the Leonin Warrior in two epic poses. By having a single artist work on this concept it allowed the final cards to visually reflect the intended design and purpose of the cards in one cohesive concept.

Below are the final art submissions for each concept along with the final cards as they appear in the upcoming Fifth Dawn set.

Stand Firm - Art by Matt Cavotta

Lose Hope - Art by Matt Cavotta

Both Cards as they appear in Fifth Dawn

This is a great example of how everything can come together for a simple card concept and shows how coordination across the development cycle can deliver an immersive cycle.

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