The Araba: Kamigawa's Crater Plains

Posted in Arcana on August 31, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

In the Champions of Kamigawa storyline, the Kami War has already devastated the plains surrounding Eiganjo Castle. Attacks by the kami have turned the fields surrounding the castle into a battered, pockmarked plain -- not unlike the surface of the moon -- called the Araba.

Here's a great look at the blasted Araba in Greg Staples' art of one of the basic Plains from Champions of Kamigawa:

Plains illustration by Greg Staples

You can also see hints of the crater plains in art you've already seen on this site. Take a look at the lower left-hand corner of Yosei, the Morning Star, the 5/5 dragon kami previewed in Mark Rosewater's column yesterday:

Yosei, the Morning Star illustration by Hiro Izawa

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