Archenemy: Bring About the Undead Apocalypse

Posted in Arcana on January 1, 2012

By Monty Ashley

You saw the Archenemy deck "Assemble the Doomsday Machine" last Turesday. So naturally you've been on pins and needles wondering when you'd get to see the next one. The answer is: right now!

Bring About the Undead Apocalypse

# Card
2 Choose Your Champion
1 Dance, Pathetic Marionette
2 The Dead Shall Serve
1 A Display of My Dark Power
2 Every Hope Shall Vanish
1 I Delight in Your Convulsions
1 Introductions Are in Order
1 Mortal Flesh is Weak
1 My Undead Horde Awakens
2 Only Blood Ends Your Nightmares
1 Realms Befitting My Majesty
2 Rotted Ones, Lay Siege
1 Surrender Your Thoughts
1 Your Fate Is Thrice Sealed
1 Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom

The other two decks are lurking in wait for the dread days when they can spring forth and reveal their powers.

(The "dread days" in question are next Tuesday and Thursday)

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