Archenemy: Scorch the World with Dragonfire

Posted in Arcana on June 10, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Let's recap the Archenemy decks we've seen so far."Assemble the Doomsday Machine." "Bring About the Undead Apocalypse." "Trample Civilization Underfoot." And now ... Scorch the World with Dragonfire!

Scorch the World with Dragonfire

2All Shall Smolder in My Wake
1Approach My Molten Realm
1The Fate of the Flammable
2I Bask in Your Silent Awe
1I Delight in Your Convulsions
1Introductions Are in Order
1Know Naught but Fire
2Look Skyward and Despair
1My Crushing Masterstroke
2My Wish Is Your Command
1Realms Befitting My Majesty
1Tooth, Claw, and Tail
2Which of You Burns Brightest?
1Your Fate Is Thrice Sealed
1Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom

Scorch the World with Dragonfire

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That's all of them. Now you are prepared to Trample, Scorch, Destroy, and Resurrect the world.

(Go get 'em!)

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