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Posted in Arcana on March 6, 2012

By Monty Ashley

Here's the game. You look at art descriptions from Dark Ascension and guess what card they're for. Then you click to see if you're right. It's fun!

Curse of Exhaustion

Location: Interior of a sleeping chamber or study

Action: This spell causes magical narcolepsy, removing one’s ability to finish pretty much any meaningful task.

We see a human mage, fighting vigorously to drag himself across the the floor. Let’s see him from a slightly raised camera, as if we are standing in the room watching this happen (and causing it to). Maybe he’s on knees and one hand, the other hand reaching up toward us with much effort. His face is turned to us, eyelids at half-mast, golden white orbs of energy lazily hanging around his head.

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Highborn Ghoul

Location: A graveyard where nobles are buried. It's nighttime.

Action: Show a zombie climbing out of an open grave at night. In life, the man was a rich nobleman and is dressed in the opulent, expensive-looking clothes.

Mood: My wealth did not save me from a gruesome fate.

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Torch Fiend

Location: A gothic mansion

Action: Show a devil burning a floor-length lace curtain. The devil is behind the lace curtain holding a torch. The camera is looking at him through the curtain. The lace is partially on fire, and enough of it has burned away that we see part of the devil's leering face.

Mood: Beautiful things make me want to destroy them.

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Niblis of the Urn

Location: A dark, damp wine cellar

Action: Show a wispy spirit rising out of a ceramic jug that is in a dark corner of the cellar. An aura of snowflakes and frost surround it; anything that gets too close would feel an unpleasant coldness in the air. Beneath it, frost has traveled down the sides of the jug, up the stone wall and over the cobblestones.

Mood: I may be small, but I'll scare the living daylights out of you.

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