The Art of Making Friends in Multiplayer

Posted in Arcana on October 15, 2014

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

Multiplayer Week continues! Playing with multiple opponents is my favorite form of Magic. In fact, I'm pretty skilled at playing politics and making friends in multiplayer.

That last bit is sarcasm.

What I'm actually good at is making everyone want to take me out. I do that in a variety of ways, but my favorite is to just destroy everybody's stuff (including their hands and libraries).

We already printed a few Arcana articles about board-destroying effects (sometimes called "board wipes," "sweepers," or "wrath effects") during Annihilation Week, including a quiz, pro-level sweepers, and R&D notes.

What we didn't do was look at art descriptions, so here are some from a variety of recent cards that mess with your opponents'…anythings.

Crackling Doom

Crackling Doom | Art by Yohann Schepacz

Clan: Mardu
Color: Black/red/white spell
Location: Mardu battlefield, under cloudy skies
Action: This spell calls down a massive, branching blast of lightning from the sky. It crackles and branches off in a crazy, interesting shape as it travels down toward its target. Show a Temur warrior, relatively tiny in the frame, about to be struck by this massive blast of lightning. Jagged branches of electricity arc in every direction.
Focus: The lightning spell
Mood: Overwhelming, instantaneous death.


Duneblast | Art by Ryan Alexander Lee

Clan: Abzan
Color: Green/white/black spell
Location: Abzan desert area
Action: This is a devastating spell that an Abzan mage conjures that leaves everyone dead but herself. Show a female human mage of the Abzan surrounded by a magical, tornadic swirl of sand and dust. She's in the middle of the desert, blasting sand outward from herself, as if she were the eye of the storm. We can see indications of blasted skeletons in the swirl of sand—she is killing several, maybe dozens, of enemies with her one massive sandstorm.
Focus: The sandstorm (we don't need to see much detail of the mage herself)
Mood: This spell is one of the Abzan clan's most devastating weapons.

(We also did a Wallpaper for Duneblast. Check it out!)

Siege Dragon

Siege Dragon | Art by Karl Kopinski

Color: Red Creature
Location: In front of a castle
Action: A huge dragon rears up in front of a wall of a seemingly impregnable castle. It beats its wings to stay aloft, its head at the height as the top of the wall. The dragon is breathing a torrent of flame at the wall, which is clearly melting into slag. Guards on the wall scurry away from the blast. The dragon is a deep red.
Perhaps this is from a guard's POV.
Focus: the dragon
Mood: impregnable, huh?

Siren of the Silent Song

Siren of the Silent Song | Art by Anthony Palumbo

Color: Blue/Black creature
Location: Outside a cave mouth carved into a basalt cliff-face.
Action: Show a siren who is now one of the Returned. She is perched outside the cave mouth. Maybe the rigid, gold mask has a frozen face that represents singing, an ironic remnant that has accompanied her into the joyless existence of un-death.
Focus: The Siren
Mood: Creepy.

And as a quick reminder, here is what these look like as cards:

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