The Artists of Zendikar

Posted in Arcana on September 28, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Today, we hand over Arcana to Magic art director Jeremy Jarvis. Take it away, JJ!

It's fairly well known that I vary the group of illustrators working on a new setting from the last to help visually set the tone for the new plane. Here are some names new to Magic with Zendikar to keep an eye out for:

Adi Granov: Two words. Iron. Man. I actually contacted Adi in hopes that he would paint a webcomic for us. He couldn't, but he was game to paint cards.

Bloodchief Ascension by Adi Granov

Goran Josic: A video game guru.

Terra Stomper by Goran Josic

Igor Kieryluk: Igor is a fun story .... He posted four of his new paintings in our Magic Art and Artists forum, and they were really good! I offered to buy three of them as "slush" (art that we will find a home for as soon as we can) and then continued to commission him as a Magic artist!

Cosi's Trickster by Igor Kieryluk

James Paick: Another video game guru. You've seen some of James's work by now in Planechase, but Zendikar was still his first (Planechase simply had an earlier release date).

Carnage Altar by James Paick

Jason Felix: Jason and I have known each other from conventions for a while now. He was a great choice for helping us concept Zendikar ... as well as some ... other ... upcoming ... things .... and has contributed greatly to the setting!

Feast of Blood by Jason Felix

Jung Park: Video game guru.

Zendikar Mountain by Jung Park

Kekai Kotaki: Another super-talented artist from digital gaming.

Shepherd of the Lost by Kekai Kotaki

Kieran Yanner: I stole Kieran from D&D :)

No, but seriously, it was keeping up with the work he was doing for Dungeons & Dragons that caught my eye.

Mike Bierek: Okay, I'm fudging again, Mike has cards in M10, but he's new enough. I met Mike at Massive Blacks workshop here in Seattle. I offered him cards on the spot.

Nic Klein: Nic's first card was actually The Rack in Duels of the Planeswalkers for Xbox. Zendikar will feature his first cards in physical print.

Unstable Footing by Nic Klein

Ryan Pancoast: Ryan submitted samples through our open-submission email address, mostly Western imagery if I remember correctly. The talent under the subject matter was clear, and he's been a Magic artist since M10.

Kor Cartographer by Ryan Pancoast

Scott Chou and Austin Hsu: James Zhang, who's name you make recognize from D&D products, introduced me to these guys. Austin actually started in M10, and Scott painted the incredible Demonic Tutor featuring Liliana and Kothophed that printed in Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic.

Marsh Casualties by Scott Chou

Baloth Cage Trap by Austin Hsu

Veronique Meignaud: I started to communicate with Veronique more than a year ago. I saw samples somehow; I think someone referred her my way.

Her first card was actually the Divine vs. Demonic Thrull token, which is awesome. Zendikar is a new level of exposure for her, with her cycle of extended-art basic lands.

Zendikar Plains by Veronique Meignaud

Vincent Proce: Yet another artist/art director from video games. Vince was part of our in-house concept push for Zendikar and continued to paint cards for us, among them his striking cycle of extended-art basic lands.

Zendikar Island by Vincent Proce

Look for these names in Worldwake and beyond:
Johann Bodin
Tomasz Jedruszek
Svetlin Velinov
Erica Yang

So long story short, your trusty Magic senior art director and illustrator of ill repute is always keeping his eye open for new talent. For that matter, so is Jon Schindehette (he's kinda Bizzaro-JJ for D&D). Everywhere from artdrop to conventions to our own forums, if you've got the chops, we'll find a project.

Have what it takes? Send a few small jpegs or a web link to your site to:

See you there,

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