Ask a Planeswalker

Posted in Arcana on December 8, 2015

By Dan Barrett

Based in London, UK, Dan is responsible Magic’s community across Europe. He loves cats, running, and attacking for 2.

Earlier this year at Grand Prix London, we spoke to a range of players about their experiences playing Magic and being a part of our community. In these videos, you can hear what they had to share.

First, how did they discover Magic, and what would they say to someone who's not played the game yet?

Next, we spoke to Magic-playing couples: What's it like playing and attending events together, and—dare we ask—who's the better player?

In this video, we asked about Grand Prix: Why should you go to one, and what are the many fun things to play, see, and do once you arrive?

Finally, what are some of our community members' Magic favorites: Planeswalker, deck, and moment?

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