Ask Wizards: Gleemox and Elves of Deep Shadow

Posted in Arcana on December 9, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

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December 9, 2008

Q: Gleemox is a card that is banned in Prismatic, according to the December 1 Banned and Restricted announcement. One problem: There is no card named Gleemox. At least, that's what a Gatherer search turns up.
–Asher, Chicago, IL, USA

A: From Worth Wollpert, Magic Online brand:


Astute observation! Gleemox is a Magic Online-only promo card that was given away a while back with our announcement of the Gleemax project. They were distributed on Magic Online by Gleemax himself, and all you had to do to get one was ask! He wasn't very picky about who he gave them to, he is after all just a brain in a jar (I hope he can't see this) so there are bunches floating around, but alas, they only exist on Magic Online. It doesn't show up in gatherer because it's not a real-world card. It's the same reason 1996 World Champion, Shichifukujin Dragon, and Library of Congress (also MTGO only) don't show up.

Hope that helps!

December 9, 2008

Q: What happened to You Make the Comic?

A: From Monty Ashley, Magic Web Team:

It's been replaced as a daily activity with This Week in Magic History. Essentially, You Make the Comic wasn't as much fun as we were hoping it would be, and not that many people were participating. The winner of the final week was Wollo, and here's his submission:

You Make the Comic -- No More!

December 9, 2008

Q: A reliable source told me that the artwork for the original Elves of Deep Shadow by Jesper Myrfors was based on a real woman that he knew. Many players regard Myrfors' Elves of Deep Shadow to be an iconic beauty in the game of Magic, so, if this is true, could you find a photograph of this woman and share it with us?
–Ian, Los Angeles, CA, USA

A: From Monty Ashley, Magic Web Team:

Well, Jesper isn't here anymore. But you're in luck, because I happen to know that the model for Elves of Deep Shadow was my pal Amber. Observe!

Elves of Deep Shadow:

Elves of Deep Shadow



Hey, wanna see what it would look like if Elves of Deep Shadow crossed over into D&D? Here, thanks to the giant Beholder statue that was at a Rat City Rollergirls bout this year (part of the D&D Fourth Edition launch), is what it would look like:

Look out!

In case you're interested, Amber's band varnish can be found in Seattle.

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