Atog breeding

Posted in Arcana on February 27, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

It took a long time (from Antiquities to Tempest, or eleven expansions) for R&D to come with an atog in each color (Atog, Foratog, Chronatog, Necratog, and Auratog). With Odyssey, their numbers more than doubled in one fell swoop. Where did all these new atogs come from? Well, the old ones must have been breeding.

When art descriptions were sent to the card illustrators for the new atogs, the directions were simple: show a hybrid of the two earlier atogs that share its colors. We explained what happened to the Lithatog art in an earlier Arcana, but the other four came back looking perfect. Below is a layout of atog parentage.

Aww, look, he has his mother's smile!

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