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Posted in Arcana on May 4, 2004

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

Next week (May 11-13) is the Eighth Annual Magic Invitational, Magic's equivalent of the all-star game. The following sixteen players will be meeting at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Convention to play a 15 round round-robin tournament to see who will earn the honor of designing their very own Magic card:

Slot 1) Last Year's Duelist Invitational Winner
Jens Thoren (Sweden)

Slot 2) World Champion
Daniel Zink (Germany) – NOT ATTENDING

Slot 3) Top Ranked DCI Member (Composite Rating)
Jordan Berkowitz (United States)

Slot 4) Highest Ranked Player, Pro Points
Kai Budde (Germany)

Slot 5) 2nd Highest Ranked Player, Pro Points
Justin Gary (United States)

Slot 6) 3rd Highest Rated Player, Pro Points
Mattias Jorstedt (Sweden)

Slot 7) 4th Highest Ranked Player, Pro Points
Dirk Baberowski (Germany)

Slot 8) 5th Highest Ranked Player, Pro Points
Bob Maher (United States)

Slot 9) Top Ranked North American Player, Pro Points
Osyp Lebedowicz (United States)

Slot 10) Top Rated Latin American Player, Pro Points
Carlos Romao (Brazil)

Slot 11) Top Rated European Player, Pro Points
Nicolai Herzog (Norway)

Slot 12) Top Rated APAC Player, Pro Points
Masashi Ooiso (Japan)

Slot 13) Highest Ranked, Fan Ballot
Jon Finkel (United States)

Slot 14) 2nd Highest Ranked, Fan Ballot
Zvi Mowshowitz (United States)

Slot 15) 3rd Highest Ranked, Fan Ballot
Brian Kibler (United States)

Slot 16) 4th Highest Ranked, Fan Ballot
Jin Okamoto (Japan)

Slot 17) 5th Highest Ranked, Fan Ballot

One of the formats for the Invitational is called the Auction of the People. In this format, the players will bid starting life and hand size on seventeen decks built by the readers. These decks, which are to be played on-line, had one restriction: all the cards, other than basic land, had to be illustrated by the same artist.

Here for the first time are the seventeen decks selected for this year's Auction of the People.

Changing Your Colors (GlenAngus)

Download Arena Decklist

Legacy (John Avon)

Download Arena Decklist

Brains, It's What's For Dinner... (Thomas M. Baxa)

Download Arena Decklist

Library? Who Said You Could Have A library? (Dave Dorman)

Download Arena Decklist

Weird Wizards (Scott M. Fischer)

Download Arena Decklist

Nightscape (Andrew Goldhawk)

Download Arena Decklist

Aetheral Emergence (Heather Hudson)

Download Arena Decklist

Meddling Emperor (Christopher Moeller)

Download Arena Decklist

Swing While You're Winning (Alan Pollack)

Download Arena Decklist

Online Open-legal Flying Deck (rk post)

Download Arena Decklist

Confusion In The Ron-ks (Ron Spencer)

Download Arena Decklist

Fun With Tokens (Greg Staples)

Download Arena Decklist

Clock Of Beasts (Arnie Swekel)

Download Arena Decklist

Steelhorn And Blackblood (Anthony Szczudlo)

Download Arena Decklist

Adventures With Pete (Pete Venters)

Download Arena Decklist

Kill U With Myr (Kev Walker)

Download Arena Decklist
Sorcery (8)
4 Upheaval 4 Soulscour
Enchantment (4)
4 Glorious Anthem
Land (24)
14 Island 10 Plains
60 Cards

Egg Assassin (Mark Zug)

Download Arena Decklist

Join us for the Invitational May 11-13 to see how these decks fare.

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