Avacyn Restored Basic Lands

Posted in Arcana on April 23, 2012

By Monty Ashley

Because it's a big set, Avacyn Restored has basic lands. And because it's the third set in Innistrad block, those lands carry over the look from the previous two sets. In fact, the basic lands of Avacyn Restored show the same scenes as the ones in Innistrad, except that now it's day instead of night. Check this out:


Neat, right? But it's kind of hard to see the details down at card size like that. So here are all the illustrations for the Innistrad basic lands. Move your mouse pointer over them to turn them into their Avacyn Restored versions and bring some light to the world of Innistrad.


Plains | Art by Adam Paquette

Plains | Art by Eytan Zana

Plains | Art by Jung Park


Island | Art by James Paick

Island | Art by Jung Park

Island | Art by Adam Paquette


Swamp | Art by Adam Paquette

Swamp | Art by James Paick

Swamp | Art by Jung Park


Mountain | Art by Eytan Zana

Mountain | Art by Adam Paquette

Mountain | Art by James Paick


Forest | Art by Eytan Zana

Forest | Art by James Paick

Forest | Art by Jung Park

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