Avatars of 2010

Posted in Arcana on December 8, 2010

By Monty Ashley

If you buy the new Momir Basic Event Deck on Magic Online, you'll receive a deck with twelve of each basic land (including a five-card set of the promotional Guru lands) and an alternate-art Momir Vig avatar. That avatar looks like this:

Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Alternate Art Magic Online Avatar

Actually, while we're on the topic of Magic Online avatars, why not look at all them from 2010? That could make a nice end-of-year topic. Let's do it!

Scars of Mirrodin

Platinum EmperionMagic Online Avatar | Scars of Mirrodin Participation Award

Geth, Lord of the VaultMagic Online Avatar | Scars of Mirrodin Winner Award

Urza's Legacy

Radiant, ArchangelMagic Online Avatar | Urza's Legacy Participation Award

Goblin WelderMagic Online Avatar | Urza's Legacy Winner Award

Urza's Saga

Karn, Silver GolemMagic Online Avatar | Urza's Saga Participation Award

MorphlingMagic Online Avatar | Urza's Saga Winner Award

Magic 2011

Knight ExemplarMagic Online Avatar | Magic 2011 Participation Award

Steel OverseerMagic Online Avatar | Magic 2011 Winner Award

Rise of the Eldrazi

Echo MageMagic Online Avatar | Rise of the Eldrazi Participation Award

Transcendent MasterMagic Online Avatar | Rise of the Eldrazi Winner Award


Anowon, the Ruin SageMagic Online Avatar | Worldwake Participation Award

Joraga WarcallerMagic Online Avatar | Worldwake Winner Award


Ob Nixilis, the FallenMagic Online Avatar | Zendikar Participation Award

Armament MasterMagic Online Avatar | Zendikar Winner Award


Ertai, Wizard AdeptMagic Online Avatar | Exodus Participation Award

Commander Greven il-VecMagic Online Avatar | Exodus Winner Award

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