Avenge Richard Garfield!

Posted in Arcana on January 17, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

The Deckmasters box set contains two decks made of cards from the Ice Age and Alliances expansions: one designed by Magic creator Richard Garfield, and one by top professional money winner Jon Finkel.


The two played the match out in San Diego this past weekend, and poor Richard lost when he couldn't draw enough lands in game two! The injustice!

You can avenge Richard by playing the match out yourself against a friend - the Deckmasters box set is still available in stores. It comes with two Spindown life counters, a story book, a poster, and the two decks - with four great foil premium cards, including Lhurgoyf and Necropotence!

Jon Finkel


12 Swamp 12 Mountain 1 Sulfurous Springs 1 Underground River 2 Foul Familiar 2 Lim-Dul's High Guard 2 Phantasmal Fiend 2 Abyssal Specter 2 Storm Shaman 2 Orcish Cannoneers 1 Balduvian Horde 2 Goblin Mutant 2 Phyrexian War Beast 2 Dark Ritual 2 Dark Banishing 1 Necropotence 2 Contagion 2 Soul Burn 2 Guerrilla Tactics 2 Incinerate 2 Pyroclasm 2 Lava Burst 2 Icy Manipulator

Richard Garfield


12 Mountain 12 Forest 1 Karplusan Forest 2 Storm Shaman 2 Fyndhorn Elves 2 Balduvian Bears 2 Woolly Spider 1 Lhurgoyf 1 Folk of the Pines 1 Elvish Bard 2 Yavimaya Ants 2 Yavimaya Ancients 2 Giant Trap Door Spider 2 Phyrexian War Beast 2 Walking Wall 2 Death Spark 2 Incinerate 1 Shatter 1 Pillage 1 Jokulhaups 1 Bounty of the Hunt 1 Hurricane 1 Elkin Bottle 2 Lava Burst 2 Giant Growth 2 Barbed Sextant

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