Behind Ignorant Bliss

Posted in Arcana on August 2, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Ignorant Bliss
The Dissension spell Ignorant Bliss was designed as a hellbent enabler, with the twist that it actually fills up your hand after its effect goes off. It doesn’t give a lot of impact even in a hellbent deck, but small and narrow effects like this can often make narrow cards worth playing if the cantrip “draw a card” effect is added.

But how do you illustrate an abstract concept like “you temporarily lose access to your spells”? The creative team’s art description left it up to artist Jeff Miracola, giving him only the abstract idea of what the card did. What Jeff came up with is this mage floating out of the normal world into weirdo-space:

Ignorant Bliss sketch by Jeff Miracola

You probably didn’t know that Jeff composed the full art as a long vertical piece, way taller than would fit in the art box of the card. Check it out.

Ignorant Bliss art by Jeff Miracola

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