Betrayers Sketch Choices

Posted in Arcana on February 28, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

We've often shown you the process of how an artist's sketch becomes final card art. In most cases, the final art ends up being pretty similar to the initial sketch, but in some cases, there's more of an evolutionary process.

Occasionally, an artist will submit multiple rough sketches of a subject, each with a different perspective or direction, and have the Magic creative team choose the direction they most want to see. Here are a few samples from Betrayers of Kamigawa in which the artist submitted multiple sketches for the card. Click the art to see what Betrayers card it became, and to see which direction was selected.

Card 1

Yomiji, Who Bars the Way
Sketches by Hideaki Takamura

Card 2

Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse
Sketches by Paolo Parente

Card 3

Genju of the Fens
Sketches by Tsutomu Kawade

Interestingly, the last one here took an entirely new direction before it went final. But it ended up way cool.

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