Big Iconic Art

Posted in Arcana on April 28, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

When a new set of Magic: The Gathering comes out, art from the new set must be selected to showcase the iconic characters and to represent the theme and mechanics of the set. These pieces are often illustrated in proportions larger than the usual Magic art box, much like the Tall Angels and other big art we've seen before on Magic Arcana, and they commonly appear on packaging of boosters and theme decks.

Today we look at a few famous characters and creatures from past sets, in their original dimensions rather than the way they appear on cards. Warning: this art is big -- prepare to scroll.

Odyssey's Kamahl, Pit Fighter by Kev Walker

Planeshift's Lord of the Undead by Brom

Nemesis's Ascendant Evincar by Mark Zug

Emperor Crocodile
Urza's Destiny's Emperor Crocodile by Kev Walker

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