Black's Tall Angels

Posted in Arcana on December 28, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Happy holidays! This Arcana originally ran on June 24, 2004. will return with new content on January 4th, 2005.

Sure, sure, the color white is full of angels because white represents justice, virtue and hope, and so do angels -- most of the time. But angels in Magic aren't strictly white -- Platinum Angel is an artifact, Lightning Angel is tri-color -- and then there's the black angels.

But black is the perversion of justice and virtue -- it's the color that's out for itself, at the cost of anything that stands in its way. How do angels end up allied with black? Generally it's because they're corrupted by black mana, such as by a powerful black-aligned wizard.

Today's Magic Arcana showcases the art of some of these fallen angels (including, of course, Fallen Angel itself). As in the earlier Tall Angels arcana, these pieces are often too large to represent fully within the Magic card frame, so we present them here in their full aspect ratio (not "in their full glory" -- that's a white thing). Get a finger ready on that scroll wheel.

Fallen Angel from Legends, art by Anson Maddocks

Fallen Angel from Seventh Edition, art by Arnie Swekel

Fallen Angel from Eighth Edition, art by Matthew D. Wilson

Crypt Angel from Invasion, art by Todd Lockwood
Crypt Angel from Invasion, art by Todd Lockwood

Desolation Angel from Apocalypse, art by Brom
Desolation Angel from Apocalypse, art by Brom

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