Boom/Bust Mural

Posted in Arcana on March 6, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Split cards debuted in Invasion. In most split cards, the mini-cards on each side do something quite different from each other, so their illustrations are correspondingly unrelated.

Fire // Ice
Crime // Punishment

This held true for two of Planar Chaos’s “vertical cycle” of red split cards: the common Dead // Gone and the uncommon Rough // Tumble. For the rare, however, things were a bit different.

The two halves of Boom // Bust represent similar land-destruction abilities, just in different scales. Boom makes two lands go boom, and Bust busts them all. So when it came time to illustrate the two halves of the card, it was concepted as one continuous mural. Check it out below.

Boom // Bust art by John Avon

Artist John Avon captured a kind of progressive catastrophe taking place in Dominaria’s salt plains—on the left-hand “Boom” side, the top later of the plain crumbles away, revealing hollow areas underneath. On the right-hand “Bust” side, the salt flats break apart entirely in a fiery, tectonic crash. Busted.

Boom Bust

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