The "Buelher" deck

Posted in Arcana on August 16, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Every year, four Standard (Type 2) decks from the top of the Worlds standings are chosen to be mass-produced with special borders and backs and sold to commemorate the tournament. Our own Friday columnist, Magic lead developer Randy Buehler, was one of the lucky four to have his deck produced after the 1998 Worlds in Seattle.

Randy's deck was a mono-blue control deck that dealt with opposing cards via lots of countermagic and Nevinyrral's Disks, and eventually won with Stalking Stones or Rainbow Efreet.

Randy Buehler

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Two interesting facts about Randy's deck: One, his twelfth-place finish is the lowest to date of anyone who has had his deck mass-produced. He "lucked" into it by being the first player in the standings not playing mono-red, mono-white, or Survival of the Fittest/Recurring Nightmare, which were the other three decks produced that year. His 6-1 record in the Standard portion made the decision to use his deck easy.

The more dubious distinction is that Randy is the only person to date to be unlucky enough to have his name spelled wrong on the deck box; the "H" and "L" are reversed. (And, yes, "Twelfth" is also misspelled.)

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