Building on Rumbling Slum

Posted in Arcana on December 18, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

No doubt you've already drooled over this Gruul-licious monster (in which case good for you -- drool is an appropriately Gruul reaction, especially while sort of grunt-growling approvingly):

Rumbling Slum

Mmmmm... 5/5 for 4... "Drawback" hurt opponent and enable bloodthirst too... Rrrrrrrumbly slummmm... *drool*

The art for Rumbling Slum depicts an animated slum-district, animated by the Izzet but adopted by the uncivilized Gruul. It's based on an image from the Guildpact style guide of a "debris elemental":

After Carl Critchlow's sketch was approved, he submitted this final art. But as you'll see, it didn't turn out to be final after all; the art team wanted it to be clearer that the big elemental was made of buildings, not just rubble. So more indications of architectural wreckage were added. Click the links below the image to see the changes.

Art by Carl Critchlow
Art by Carl Critchlow

Submitted art w/o buildings Final art w/ buildings added

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