Candy in R&D!

Posted in Arcana on April 6, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

This is not a Wii controller:

It's really an invitation to a party:

Mark Rosewater's daughter Rachel had a birthday party recently, with two themes: Wii and Sweets. And then Mark, being Mark, made a bunch of puns on the theme. Er, "thiim". You get the idea.

The point is that one of the events at the party was a candy-bar identification game. And after the party, Mark brought the remaining candy bars to work:

Naturally, this proved pretty popular, because it hit two of R&D's known vulnerabilities: games and candy. Come to think of it, R&D would probably have fit right in at Rachel's party. Anyway, the whole day featured people clustering around Mark's desk and trying candy bars, as you can see in this candid photo:

Okay, mostly candid.

At the party, contestants had to close their eyes, and nobody got more than three right. At R&D, people could use their eyes (and noses and mouths too), so Greg Collins, Scott Johns, Aaron Forsythe, and Mark Gottlieb all got nine out of ten correct. Monty Ashley tried to do it just by looking at the candy bar segments through the baggies, and he got three right.

We'd give you a chance to play, but it's really difficult to identify a candy bar just from this:

Anyway, Rachel's actual birthday is today. Happy birthday, Rachel!

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