Casting the First Flowstone

Posted in Arcana on March 19, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Flowstone Slide art by Chippy
Flowstone is a memetic, animated, rock-like substance able to obey commands and warp into whatever shape is needed. Its power is clear--not only does it represent the mutable +1/-1 ability on creature cards (see Flowstone Hellion or Flowstone Slide), but it has also formed crucial aspects of Dominaria’s history. Yawgmoth, with the help of his subordinate evincars, cultivated an expanse of flowstone on the plane of Rath. This flowstone expansion caused Rath to overlay Dominaria—all part of Yawgmoth’s plan of invasion. The planar overlay brought with it hordes of Rathi creatures, which then became permanent fixtures of Dominaria.

Volrath leaves no stone untrained.
--Flavor text of Flowstone Hellion

You can see flowstone manipulation in action in the art of Time Spiral’s Flowstone Channeler. Check out how this red-aligned shaman has commanded a bit of flowstone to rise into humanoid form to do his bidding, much like a Flowstone Shambler of Rath.

Flowstone Channeler art by Alan Pollack

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