Chandra: Light 'Em Up

Posted in Arcana on June 10, 2015

By Michael Yichao

Yichao is a writer of words for plays, television, theme parks, and—most recently—Magic: The Gathering. He loves Cube Draft and corgis.

Chandra Nalaar | Art by Kev Walker

Chandra has been lighting things on fire for some time now, but her origin story is laid bare today for the first time. First debuted in Lorwyn as part of the original five Planeswalkers, Chandra has been featured in numerous cards and flavor text since then. Check out some of our favorite pieces of Chandra art.

Seal of Fire | Art by Christopher Moeller

Chandra's version of subtlety: fire that explodes LATER rather than right away.

Act on Impulse | Art by Brad Rigney

She isn't just a pyromancer—she's a pyromancer with a sense of style.

Chandra's Phoenix | Art by Aleksi Briclot

Chandra doesn't just light things on fire. She also conjures creatures made of fire to light things on fire.

Incinerate | Art by Steve Prescott

Chandra doing what Chandra does best. Also check out Flames of the Firebrand and Chandra's Fury.

Can't get enough of Chandra? There may or may not be quite a bit of awesome new art and several cards featuring our favorite pyromancer in Magic Origins…Coming soon!

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