Changing the Scale

Posted in Arcana on July 18, 2012

By Monty Ashley

When Tomasz Jedruszek was assigned the card Ranger's Path for Magic 2013, here's what he was given as the description:

Color: Green spell

Location: A forest

Action: Show an oversized conifer forest (pines, cedars, redwoods, hemlocks) with towering trees. Wide tree branches crisscross the leafy canopy. Show a Scandinavian-seeming elf ranger in furs skillfully moving along one of the “paths” through the top of the canopy. The gender of the elf is your choice. He/she looks like he’s prepared for a long journey through the wilderness.

Mood: He leaves no forest unexplored.

Here's the first sketch:

The creative team liked it, but they asked for a wider shot. Normally that would require redoing the entire piece, but Tomasz came up with a way to keep the same basic design while still effectively zooming out.

Ranger's Path | Art by Tomasz Jedruszek

In the final version, the elf is smaller and the background trees are farther away. But the two main branches are pretty much the same as in the sketch, which keeps the composition feeling the same. To see this more clearly, click on this version of the art to flip back and forth between the sketch and the final version.

Click to see the final version

Click to see the sketch

And here's the card as it appears in Magic 2013.


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