City in a Bottle!

Posted in Arcana on May 13, 2014

By Trick Jarrett

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Please note: The card images as they appear here are not as they will appear in Vintage Masters, which will use the modern card frames, Power Nine art from the Magic Online Cube, and new art for a number of cards. Actual card images will be posted soon.

Starting with Vintage Masters, an old favorite joins Magic Online. Originally printed in Arabian Nights, City in a Bottle introduces a unique and interesting effect. Notably, when it was originally printed, it specifically only recognized cards printed in the same expansion: Arabian Nights. Why was that? Arabian Nights was the only expansion at that point!

The Oracle text for this card now reads:

Whenever a nontoken permanent originally printed in the Arabian Nights expansion other than City in a Bottle is on the battlefield, its controller sacrifices it.
Players can't play cards originally printed in the Arabian Nights expansion.

The change that took place for the card is a subtle, but important, change. The new rules text now states that it only cares about cards which were originally printed in Arabian Nights, and it no longer cares about what the actual expansion symbol on the card is. This means that you can safely play your Arabian Nights Mountains against City in a Bottle, but you can't play your Ali from Cairo that was printed in Masters Edition IV or City of Brass printed in Modern Masters.

Since few players know all the cards this affects, we are creating a reference page that will help players understand which cards this effects on Magic Online when it comes time to play that City in a Bottle.

Arabian Nights cards in Vintage Masters
Bazaar of Baghdad
City in a Bottle
Desert Twister
Erhnam Djinn
Library of Alexandria
Serendib Efreet

Arabian Nights cards online (including Vintage Masters)
Aladdin's Ring
Ali from Cairo
Bazaar of Baghdad
Bird Maiden
Bottle of Suleiman
Brass Man
City in a Bottle
City of Brass
Cuombajj Witches
Dancing Scimitar
Desert Twister
Diamond Valley
Drop of Honey
Ebony Horse
Elephant Graveyard
Erg Raiders
Erhnam Djinn
Eye for an Eye
Fishliver Oil
Flying Carpet
Flying Men
Ghazbán Ogre
Giant Tortois
Guardian Beas
Hasran Ogress
Ifh-Bíff Efreet
Island of Wak-Wak
Jandor's Saddlebags
Junún Efreet
Juzám Djinn
Khabál Ghoul
Kird Ape
Library of Alexandria
Mijae Djinn
Moorish Cavalry
Old Man of the Sea
Ring of Ma'rûf
Rukh Egg
Serendib Djinn
Serendib Efreet
Singing Tree
Unstable Mutation
Wyluli Wolf
Ydwen Efreet

Arabian Nights cards not online
Abu Ja'far
Aladdin's Lamp
Ali Baba
Army of Allah
Desert Nomads
Hurr Jackal
Island Fish Jasconius
Jandor's Ring
Jeweled Bird
King Suleiman
Magnetic Mountain
Merchant Ship
Nafs Asp
Repentant Blacksmith
Sandals of Abdallah
Sorceress Queen
Stone-Throwing Devils
War Elephant

Vintage Masters City in a Bottle | Art by Daniel Ljunggren

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