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Posted in Arcana on January 13, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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You've had, like, a full weekend to pore over the Fate Reforged Card Image Gallery. That should definitely be enough to completely familiarize yourself with every aspect of all 185 cards, right? You definitely know your Aven Skirmisher from your Arashin Cleric; and you probably already have the best joke about the art on Refocus, right?

Okay, so maybe we're all still getting used to Fate Reforged, but we've certainly had a while with the clans, and Khans of Tarkir painted a gorgeous picture of Abzan, Jeskai, Sultai, Mardu, and Temur. So much so that I'm willing to bet you can identify the clan associated with Fate Reforged cards simply by their flavor text.

So here's how the game works. We'll list some Fate Reforged flavor text below and you simply tell us which clan the card belongs to, going by the watermark. So, for example, if you were to read:

To survive, you must seize every opportunity." —Daghatar the Adamant

You would answer "Abzan." And then we'd show you this:

And everyone would clap and cheer and tell you how smart you are. Sound good? Great!

Read the eight pieces of flavor text below and note which clan you think each belongs to, then scroll down for the answers.

  1. Boundaries drawn on maps or marked with stone have no meaning for the Mardu.
  2. "The lotus takes root where body and mind intersect. It blooms when body and mind become one."
  3. "Hear me, nameless, and obey."
  4. She speaks only in whispers but can be heard over the fiercest storm.
  5. "Words have yet to halt an arrow."
  6. "Learn from your enemies, but do not tolerate them."
  7. "Her hunger knows no limit. Left unchecked, she would feast on all of Tarkir." —Yasova Dragonclaw
  8. "Dragons seek war. I bring it to them."

Got all 8? No peeking. Scroll down to see the eight cards and their clans.

Quiz Answers

1. Mardu. Okay, that was a warm up.

2. Something, something, body and mind? Check. Stuff becoming one? Check. Lotus? Check. Has to be the Jeskai.

3. If it's creepy, it's also gotta be the Sultai.

4. Temur.

4. Mardu. The Abzan are big on arrows as well, but this is a pretty aggressive quote for a pretty aggressive clan.

5. Learning=Jeskai.

6. Bit of a trick question. This is the flavor text for Atarka, World Render, who doesn't belong to any clan. However, give yourself partial credit if you chose Temur.

8. Abzan. And if you figured that out, then you are a true Fate Reforged flavor text master.

How'd you do?

7–8: Khan of Flavor Text

4–6: Flavor Sage

1–3: Grim Contest 2nd-Place Finisher

0: Hunt the Weak Victim

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