Coldsnap Eye Candy

Posted in Arcana on July 17, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Snow Week on We've taken a look at snowy art of Ice Age (Let it “Snow”) and pics of WotC's old building under a rare Seattle dusting of the white stuff, but today it's a straight-up party in your optic nerve: it's all Coldsnap art, and lots of it.

Adarkar Valkyrie by Jeremy Jarvis

Snow creatures have a visual cue of icy steam floating from their bodies, an indication of the sublimation occurring all around their incredibly cold forms.

Thrumming Stone by Rob Alexander

Thrumming Stone depicts a mysterious, frozen obelisk whose magic creates an area of arctic conditions around it.

Snow-Covered Island by Franz Vohwinkel

If you squint, you can see tiny figures that have made it to the top of the largest ice floe on Snow-Covered Island. There's also a bird or drake – there to guide them or eat them?

Goblin Furrier art by Warren Mahy

A comic moment in the snows of northwestern Terisiare. A snow hare and an overbundled rabbit furrier happen upon each other in the woods.

Frost Raptor art by Lars Grant-West

The concept for this card was a flying, humanoid creature made of icy mist. But the creative team liked Lars's sketch of a raptor creature so much that it became Frost Raptor.

Flashfreeze art by Brian Despain

Flashfreeze depicts a Rimewind wizard, one of the agents who oppose the Thaw on Terisiare, crackling with icy energy.

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